Security Automation Workshop 2014

August 26 - 28, 2014
The MITRE Corporation
Bulding 1 Auditorium
7525 Colshire Drive

McLean, VA 22102-7539

Registration for this event is now closed. All registered attendees will be receiving an email with additional details soon.

The "Security Automation Workshop," hosted at the MITRE McLean site, will bring government and industry together in order to develop a consensus way forward for the endpoint posture assessment standards being developed in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Security Automation Continuous Monitoring (SACM) Working Group.

This three-day event is geared towards security automation tool vendors, end users, and other related stakeholders. The agenda includes sessions that illustrate operational gaps and issues, as well as challenges with the current security automation efforts. Documents associated with the IETF SACM group will be discussed as well as other related standards work. In addition to USG-led sessions, other select industry and end users will be asked to share their experiences and challenges with the group. The intent is to have open and productive discussions about how to collect, evaluate, and report standardized data that is needed to identify software vulnerabilities, detect software tampering, and defects in software configurations to support a number of operational and security processes.

As this event is designed to foster collaborative conversation between government and industry, the targeted audience is those key stakeholders within vendors, end user groups, and select government agencies that bring deep existing domain knowledge to the discussions. This is not intended to serve as an introduction for those that wish to learn about this landscape, and as such those that require introductory information are asked to pursue that in a different venue. Attendees for the event should be prepared to share their experiences and ideas for the future state of security automation and should be directly involved with the related topics.


See the Security Automation Workshop 2014 Agenda for an event schedule and other important details.

Travel and Lodging

Participants will be responsible for their own travel, accommodations, lunch, drinks, snacks, and dinner.
Limited space is available at the MITRE per diem rate at the following hotels. When making your reservation, request the MITRE rate. The discount is available by phone only. Please book early since hotel rooms fill quickly. If you plan on taking public transportation to the event, please note that you can make use of the MITRE shuttle to ride from the Metro to the MITRE campus.

Important Note for Non-US Citizens

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must state this with your registration so special passes to gain entrance to the building can be obtained.

Points of Contact

Matt Hansbury,, 781-271-2682
Margie Dawson,, 781-271-3611

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